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Acoustic cover tunes which I did not write are found on this page.  I first learned guitar strumin then pickin and finally on to electric.  My roots are in the acoustic so it seems fitting to include the magic of acoustic.  It is just me on all vocals here.

From The Beginning

A good place to start is perhaps From the Beginning.   This was recorded by Emerson Lake and Palmer way back 50 years or so in classic rock.  This acoustic version stops just before the synthesizer would come in on the original tune.

Fire On The Mountain

This song is generally credited to the Marshall Tucker Band but may be a cover they did as well.  Many bands have done this tune including any band I have been in for the 'pluged in' version.  Here is the 'unplugged' version on acoustic guitar.

Hobo In My Mind

This song was written by Tom Paxton I believe and I learned it in a folk guitar class in the mid 70s.  I dedicate this version to my Mother who has always liked this one best of the songs I have played acoustically. 

Old Piano Roll Blues

 We switch gears to a traditional piano roll blues tune that was adapted for acoustic guitar.   This is a good old tune and reminds one of the old piano ragtime songs of the early part of the last century.  

All Night Laundrymat Blues

One of my favorite rock guitar players put this on his album for a laugh and it is just such a fun song I had to include it.   This one I dedicate to my 'baby' sister who really liked this one when I used to play it for her back when we both lived at home.

Mood For A Day

This arrangement of an instrumental was originally written and performed by a guitar virtuoso called Steve Howe who was the guitar player in the lengendary early progressive rock band called 'Yes'

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 All songs Copyright 1985-2010 Mark E. Johnston