Nature, State of Life   and Protest Tunes

Here are a few songs that say things that I felt best to put into some of my song as they have meaning or messages that needed to be said

Balance Of nature

As you may have guessed by the title, the song is about how we should  try to keep Earth in good shape.   It is done as an upbeat message to inspire people to try to keep Earth's fragile life systems alive and well.   This could be called the 'Tree Hugger' song of the bunch but it is something all of us need to be concious of every day.

Mother Nature Shows No Favorites

A very clean and slow flowing tune inspired by a series of very bad natural desasters such as the great Asian Tsunami  in  2004  and  hurricane Katrina in 2005.   This tune brings up the observation that Mother Nature does not seem to be aware of mankind as she goes about with natural events that may have very deep effects on mankind.  The tune makes use of some very full sounding chord inversions 'floating' on top of a rich baseline making for a rich 'studio' sounding tune.

Ride With The Sun

A song about how events in life can be a source of confusion so it it best to just Ride with The Sun and take things as they come as they will pass. This song is a bit long because of it's extended jams. It was recorded in 1988 which was perhaps the height of my obsession with lead guitar so forgive my indulgence in the tune but frankly I rather like this jam and it contains many of what I would call my signature licks.

Images Of War

Thoughts from a disillusioned soldier who is trying to come to grips with what his part is in the war and if he is justified to take the lives of others.  Could be any war but was written in late 2005.   This tune is a bit slow so in the works I have a much more 'in your face' version but have not quite got round to finishing it off yet. The lyrics are the key to this tune and will remain almost identical in the up-tempo and 'angry sounding' remake.

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 All songs Copyright 1985-2010 Mark E. Johnston