Live Jams & Cover Tunes

A few songs that are taken from live jams with friends. 

Down And Out

This is  a cover song that Eric Clapton and Duane Allman really nailed on the Layla album.  Here it is just a jam tune done live that turned out rather well.  Sadly the origional vocals were not audiable and so I had to do the vocals that have some unintentional lyrical changes in post production but the other vocalist was also nammed Mark (and he has a better voice) so catch him and his wife Judy  on the Reeling In the years track also on this page .  This has 'killer' keyboards by Gregg Dye and Drums by Patrick McVeigh and myself on post-production added vocals du to mess up in the live recording.

Reelin' In The Years

  Steely Dan recorded Reelin' In The Years and it became a classic.   Here we have a live recording from 1999 with Mark and Judy Dye on vocals, Gregg Dye on keyboards, Armando Iturralde on bass, Patrick McVeigh on drums and myself on guitar. 

Sunshine Of Your Love

This is a 3-piece live jam of the Cream classic with no overdubs just raw rock.   We have Armando on Bass, Patrick on drums with myself on guitar and vocals so forgive me as the lyrics are not accurate but the tune turned out instrumentally well so here we go.

Josie Jam

An exert of a totally improvised and non-rehursed jam from the middle of  the Steely Dan song titled Josie.  Here Gregg is doing the keyboards and covering for Bass while Patrick is on drums and again, I'm on the guitar.


Instrumental cover of the melodic Santana tune that has a nice jam within.   I place this here because the jam is a very fine example of totally improvised 'call'.  Well into the recording near 5:50 into it I 'reply' to Gregs little licks live for perhaps 30 seconds with similarly phrased notes.  To a musician this is the most fulfiling of interaction possible is live jams.  Totally  live interactive jaming and I treasure this sort of interaction perhaps above all else in live jams and I suspect this is our only recorded example of this but agian ... priceless.  We have Armando on Bass, Gregg Dye on 'Stellar' Piano, and Patrick on drums with myself on guitar.  These are my true 'buds' in music. I should note that Gregg really does not realize it but his 'total connection' to the ability to hear things then directly translate to the keys is nothing short of amazoing and I would give all if I could obtain that level of connection to my instrument

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 All songs on this page are cover tunes not written by myself