Vocal And Lite Rock 

Here we have afew  tunes that are written in  easy listening, vocal oriented types of styles.

Faithful And True

Song about how it is important to keep it honest in a relationship.    This one is in the mood of Sade or light jazz vocal style.   This version features Robyn Jamison  on the vocals.  


A song about a guy who leaves a girl because he cannot deal with the commitment   
This tune is from a  band of my past called 'Tailspin' and features Teresa Jigour  on vocals, Dave Jigour  on Drums, and Armando Iturralde on Bass as well as myself on guitar and background vocal.

Step Into The Past 

This song is  about a guy wondering what it would be like if he were able to step into the past and change the way things had turned out.

Upside Down

This tune  is about a guy who has flipped over a girl but the inspiration for the song comes from my daughter.   The tune is in itself upside down using a reverse Refrain-Verse type of song structure as well as assorted chord inversions.   
A very kool Piano part on this tune is done by a kool key-miester and friend,  Gregg Dye.

Book Of Memories

A song about those rare perfect moments that you kind of wish you could just take a snapshot of and then paste into your book of  memories to enjoy on some later day. This is one of the few songs that an acoustic guitar was used for a rich sounding backdrop that is complemented by the natural sound of guitar nodes here and there to spice it up.  

If You Say

An upbeat and unpolished tune recorded live using a humble 4-track cassette and then later  adding the guitar riffs.  Song was recorded with a band called Tailspin featuring Therea and Dave Jigour on vocals and drums as well as Armando on Bass and myself on guitar.

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 All songs Copyright 1985-2010 Mark E. Johnston