The Band Years


This page holds recordings made with a Band called Tailspin I was lead guitarist for. We had 40-50 songs and played small local gigs at bars or pizza places.  Other recordings are on this site that are either my originals or were not officially in the Tailspin phase of this band. We had Thresa Jigour on vocals/guitar, Armando Iturallde on Bass, Dave Jigour on drums and myself on lead guitar. Most of these unless noted are from a simple cassette deck so the recordings are not mixed as in a studio.

Think I'm In Love

An Eddie Money Song that the band enjoyed playing and was a good fit. This is a recording from a practice at a house we had in Saratoga CA.

Heat Wave

An R & B song made popular in 70s as Linda Ronstadt covered it nicely.  This was recorded live at a gig in 1985.


Song by Journey which was popular at the time and we did it without keyboards.  This is a live recording from a show in 1985.   

Middle Of The Road

The Pretenders wrote this and did it well so we gave it try for our gigs.  We all enjoyed it. This is an abridged version for a demo tape made in a studio but you get the idea.

Back On The Chain Gang

This is also a Pretender's song and the band played this at gigs.  The band was also at my wedding and the guys in the band knew us so asked us to play a few tunes so we did it at my wedding as well.   This take is from a practice.

Dirty City Blues

This is an original tune written by Teresa Jigour, the vocalist/guitarist front-person of Tailspin. I place it here as we played it at every gig as one of our standards and this studio recording shows it off well.

Tailspin Promo Picture

Tailspin - Armando Iturralde, Mark Johnston, Teresa And Dave Jigour

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 All songs on this page are cover tunes geared for rock guitar