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A bit of Rock & Roll oriented tunes are presented here

Every Day

A blues rock tune about a guy who is putting the pieces back together a bit at a time, day by day.   This tune was written to demonstrate sliding rock power chords to my son at first then grew into a full tune because I liked it enough to put the time into the tune.

Don't Come Back

A song about a guy who  got dumped  and he is 'bitter' at best.  The song puts out a good and bouncy  rock feel and the rockin lead lines intermixed with the vocal phrases are a characteristic of many blues tunes.

New Millennium

A song about how the new Millennium seems to be not as great as the 1990s we left behind. It is a bit of a fun song all just to poke fun at events of late for comic relief. Because of it is meant to be fun it avoid the more serious issues of or day. 

Random Chance

 This song segment is from a song  about the natue of things happening for any particular reason or not.   Sometimes there may be an reason and other times, things just happen.  So don't worry too much about why things happen,  they just happen.  

Remember The Music

Rocking tune reminding us what music should be all about when too often the money gets in the way of the need for us to make music for enjoyment and energy.

What's Going Down

Actually my very first song written more in the mode of a concert song.  This song features band members from a 3-piece band called Breakthrough in a live recording with Dave Jigour on drums as well as Armando Iturralde on Bass and myself on 'public saxiphone' and vocals.  The bass highlighted in part of the jam was live but the guitar jam was recorded later in my home studio.

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 All songs Copyright 1985-2010 Mark E. Johnston